3D Animation
Promos & Product Vizualisation

3D Animations – Stylized or Realistic – are great for Product Visualizations and Promos for Events and Physical Products.

Realism & Emotion

While 2D Animation is great for communicating information, 3D Animation is especially powerful for projects that need a more realistic look – like product visualization. It’s also perfect delivering a mood or emotion to the viewer – like event promos or on-stage visuals.

Extra Dimension, Different Process

Concept Sketches

While the approach to 2D Animation has a lot in common with Illustration and Graphic Design, 3D Animation Production is more like producing a stage performance or real life film: camera angles and lighting are set-up early on. Instead of starting with a storyboard with shots, we usually start with sketches of the environments the animation will take place in.



The first version of a 3D Animation is usually a so-called “Pre-Visualization” – a simplified version of the objects and environment. We use this to get feedback on timing and the general flow of the animation.

Final Version

After the pre-viz is approved, we will make a detailed – fully rendered – version of the animation.

Because our 3D Animations are usually more about communicating a mood than information, the soundtrack consists of music. This can either be existing music, a mix of various tracks or a custom composed soundtrack.

Different Purposes

3D Animation can be used for many purposes, ranging from product visualization to event promotion. Here are a few examples for your inspiration.

Product Visualization

Ideal for presenting your products on screens in your Store or at a Trade Show. By using text we can communicate your message without the availability of sound on your location.

We can work from existing (CAD) models or make models of your products bases on blueprints and photographs.

Render Styles

As you can see in these examples, we can create Photorealistic-looking 3D animations (like the first two) as well as Stylized renderings (like the last example), depending on your product and goals.

Event Promotion

Wether it’s a TV Commercial or a Social Media Campaign, 3D animation can create an impact on your audience.

History Overview

If you want to communicate what you’ve done over the past years, why not do it in style?

Show Client Cases with 3D Animation